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Year 9 Overview

At Year 9, we recognise that students are beginning the transition to their senior years of schooling. Students have the opportunity of more choice in their curriculum. Course counselling ensures that future options remain open. Students choose from within a pattern of subjects based on their interests and future pathway.


  • Home Groups are based around the information shared from Year 8 teachers and Middle School leaders at ߲Ƶ.
  • Each class has a dedicated Home Group classroom which they use for most of their subjects, including the Pastoral Care program. Students develop a class identity and ownership of their Home Group room.
  • The Home Groups stay together for English, History, Mathematics and Science. Where possible, a small team of teachers with expertise in Middle Schooling work with each Home Group class for their core subjects.
  • All Middle School students have access to a chrome book device, current software and a wireless network. Middle School teachers focus on the use of technology developing curriculum which is challenging and relevant.
  • The Pastoral Care Program delivers the mandated Child Protection Curriculum, subject pathway guidance, along with other valuable life skills.
  • The Head of Middle School is responsible for the management of Year 9 students, teachers and the curriculum. Parent or student issues and concerns should be referred to the Home Group teacher or Well-Being staff in the first instance, followed by the Head of School.


  • English – full year
  • Mathematics – full year
  • Science – full year
  • Health & PE – one semester compulsory
  • Physical Education – elective one semester
  • Specialist Sports Program (Volleyball or Soccer) – elective full year
  • History – half year
  • Humanities (Politics & Propaganda, Horrible Histories, Biomes and Food, Sustainable Hair & Beauty) – elective one semester
  • Languages – elective full year
  • The Arts (Dance, Drama, Visual Art, Music Technology, Music Performance) – elective one semester or full year
  • Material Technologies – elective one semester or full year
  • Technologies (Photography, Digital Futures, Pre-trades) – elective one semester
  • Home Economics (Food & Hospitality, Textiles) – elective one semester or full year

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