The Arts

߲Ƶ promotes student engagement in the Arts across Reception to Year 12. Through involvement and active participation in a range of arts forms, including visual arts, design, drama, dance, music and film, students develop confidence and explore creative ways to express themselves and their views on the world around them.

  • From Reception to Year 6 all students participate in Visual Arts activities with their classroom teachers, whilst working with specialist teachers in the Performing Arts. Students in years 3-6 have the opportunity to perform in the Wakakirri story dance challenge. Students in years 5-7 are able to be a member of our choir who perform at the Festival Theatre as part of the Festival of Music.
  • In Years 7-8 all students undertake studies in Visual Art, Music, Dance, and Drama working with specialist teachers and cutting edge resources to develop their skills and understanding of a range of core concepts, conventions, media and techniques.
  • From Year 9 to 12 students have the opportunity to engage in their chosen arts forms in greater depth, with a wide range of tailored subject options available to students.


    In the Visual Arts students can specialise in art and/or design, examining the work of artists and designers to gain a better understanding of key concepts, skills and processes before applying them in practical work. Students explore a range of media and techniques including painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and digital media. Engagement in the Visual Arts promotes creativity, problem solving and personal expression and students have the opportunity to share their work publicly in exhibitions throughout the year.


    In the Performing Arts, students develop confidence and collaborative skills while learning about both the on-stage and technical elements of live or filmed dance production. A specialised Music program is offered in years 7 and 8. Public performances are held regularly such as the Choreographic Awards Night, the Arts Showcase and an end of year production.


    In Drama, students participate in workshops and theoretical studies around theatrical innovators and performance techniques. Drama also provides students with the opportunity to perform in front of other year levels, as actors or in a backstage role, participating in the Arts Showcase, and end of year productions. ߲Ƶ has a dedicated Theatre Company, catering to extend the performing arts experience for selected students.


    In music students work both individually and in groups to develop skills in their chosen instrument, and perform at a host of events both within and outside of the school environment. Weekly instrumental music lessons are also available to students. A specialised Music program is offered in years 7 and 8. Digital music production, recording and engineering are other key elements of the curriculum, with a dedicated music recording studio available for students to use. Students also access music rooms at lunch times in solo and band practice.


    t ߲Ƶ students have the opportunity to undertake instrumental music lessons with specialist teachers, both through the Instrumental Music Service and private providers.

    A range of instruments are offered including;

    • Brass (trumpet, trombone)
    • Woodwind (saxophone, clarinet, flute, etc.)
    • Percussion
    • Bass Guitar
    • Keyboard

    Year 5/6 students have the opportunity to join a music focus class where every student learns an instrument and plays in the class band.


    Performing provides students with the opportunity to develop confidence, resilience and teamwork skills, forming treasured memories of their time at school. ߲Ƶ has a proud tradition of involvement in renowned arts events such as Wakakirri, DreamBig Festival, Arts Showcases, Choreographic Awards Nights, Adelaide Cabaret Festival, and end of year productions. Further opportunities exist for students to perform at formal school assemblies, presentation and graduation nights and Art exhibitions, theatre productions, parent showcases, talent quests and a host of other school functions and events.