Parent Resources

It’s never been more challenging for parents to raise happy, healthy and resilient children. Whilst there is a great deal of information available, it can often be confusing and overwhelming for parents looking for guidance.

߲Ƶ is aware of these difficulties for families and we have subscribed to SchoolTV and Open Parachute to support our community and families.


SchoolTV aggregates relevant, fact-based content from leading specialists and organisations into a single, easy to understand stream of facts and strategies – like a one-stop shop on a single topic. There is an extensive archive of current topics available, which include a video quiz, video Q&A from leading specialists, fact sheets, articles and a host of other resources including suggested apps, books, websites as well as other additional videos. SchoolTV offers information in bite size, easily digestible pieces that is available to you when you need it, 24/7.

Open Parachute

An online resource that provides engaging activities for students to explore important topics. There are also resources available for parents and caregivers at .