Out of School Hours Sport

Out of School Hours Sport

Selected school sports are offered to students throughout the year and are played outside of school hours at either the school’s own grounds or venues within the southern area. Currently the sports available are:-

BASKETBALL – Terms 1 and 4, R-6

SOCCER– Terms 2 and 3, R-6

CRICKET – Terms 1 and 4, Years 2-6

NETBALL– Terms 2 and 3, R-6

A registration fee is applicable to each sport and the cost depends on the activity chosen. This money is used to upgrade equipment, for uniforms and to purchase participation trophies.

Students must be 8 years of age as this is a Department for Education and Children’s Services requirement for competitive sports. Sports Clinics can be attended by students younger than 8 however there is no scoring. These sports are predominantly organised by a Committee of interested parents with the help and guidance of the school sports staff.

We wish to encourage a greater participation of parents in coaching, managing teams and participating in decisions which affect their children. If any parent is interested in offering assistance or being on the Sports Committee, please contact the school on 8392 1020 for the contact number of a Committee Representative.

These sports can only be offered if parental help is received.